We property360 Lanka (Pvt) Ltd giving services like Real Estate, property Management, Construction, Consultancy. We ware found by people working in the real Estate industry, many people miss leading and getting bad experiences to meet the good property so we understand that problems , challenges what you faced We like to work for people who willing to invest and buy property through their hard earn Money. Nowadays many Developers are doing construction but you don’t know which is the best one and quality construction but we will find the best property for you, we have very good team and experience, specialization in this industry, you don’t know the quality, actual cost, security and Services
We have been helping to Developers and grow their Business as well as the people
We assist to customers with the legal terminology and dealing in a competitive Market place, developers and lot’s amount of paper works to get property, sometimes they need help to look after their property so we do property management also. Finally we secure your Money and guide you to meet good one Fastest way to effectively find your Best property

Cost Effective

We help you to find the cost effective property and according to your budget help to find the best property for you

Loan facilities

We have partners with several financial institutions to full fill your financial needs

Easy to Find

Property360 provide the varieties of choice to identify your dream property


Property360 helps to connect with the best and trust developers with reasonable price.


Property360 provides the several real estate services to fulfill our customer needs.

Buy Property

IF you want to buy the property we can help to finds the best property .

Sale Property

IF you want to sell the property we can help to sell your property.

rent Property

We can help you to rent your property.


We help to find the best properties with awesome features.

Fully Furnished

We can help to find your dreams
property with furnishers

Quality Construction

We help our consumers to find
the building with high quality


We can help to find the
property with high security

Latest Interior Design

We help to find the property with
latest interior design

Living Inside a Nature

We can help to find the place
with natural nature

Luxurious Fittings

We can help to find your
dream property with luxurious


Complete Project


Property Sold


Happy Clients

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